Here's what we charge.

We focus on being transparent, predictable, and flexible with our digital marketing consulting rates.

There are no surprises.

Let’s keep this simple. Our retainer fees start at $2,500 per month.

Our packages include strategic expertise around advertising and advocacy — making sure we anchor to your revenue goals. But those goals naturally ebb and flow. We know that. We’ll work with you to add the strategic and tactical components that you need when you need it.

Our fixed-bid pricing arrangements allow us focus on strategy and results instead of quibbling over invoices.

Pay predictably.

By not charging “time and materials” rates, we take pride in getting things done right.

Get results.

You can trust we’re charging for strategy and execution — not for hours and bloat.

Know the scope.

If options arise that could change project scope, we’ll discuss costs and benefits with you before pivoting.

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