Impact Lab

We use our expertise and profits to help impact makers around us.

We give back.

We believe in pursuing purpose beyond profit. 90odd is a social enterprise, which means we use our expertise to do work that benefits society. This idea of doing good isn’t just a social imperative; it’s a way of life.

While our bread-and-butter lies in helping brands of all sizes and shapes grow their digital footprints and bolster their top lines, we don't stop there. We also do creative things to help out impact makers at social enterprises and non-profits. We call these tactics our Impact Lab — and we’ll continue to evolve these strategies and discover new ones that allow us to make effective, sustainable impact.

We rise by lifting others.

- Robert Ingersoll

What is social impact?

Social impact is a measurable, positive change that addresses specific and immediate social challenges. If that sounds flowery and ideal, it should. We should all be doing the kind of work that truly makes the world better.

The long-term goal of The 90odd Project is to let the marketing consulting arm of the company focus on the day-to-day strategic marketing consulting. That seems reasonable enough. But in order to flank non-profits, social enterprises, and agents of change, we want to use a portion of our profits to help these groups scale their ideas. If they're about changing the world, we want to help them realize their vision.

But consumers are exhausted by businesses parroting the notion of "making the world a better place." And for good reason: every brand says it, but few brands back it up. And more should! A whopping 55% of online consumers are willing to pay more for products and services from companies that are truly committed to positive social and environmental impact. This new brand of socially- and environmentally-conscious consumer has warped the playing field forever.

For non-profit startups, social enterprises, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, reaching these local and global online consumers can be the difference between flywheel growth and falling flat on their faces. And with over 90% of online buyer journeys starting at the search engine, digital marketing services — especially search engine optimization strategies — help narrow the playing field.

That's where 90odd comes in. For us, everything starts with a concept called the Triple Value Proposition. While the traditional value proposition is a promise of value from a brand to the consumer, it focuses too heavily on deliverables and not enough on building a framework that allows for sustainable social impact. Changing the world doesn't happen because you sell a bunch of stuff; rather, it happens because you empower consumers to be better versions of themselves.

The Triple Value Proposition challenges business thinking to shift attention from mere deliverables to seeing impact through three lenses:


How will the brand improve the consumer's life?


How will the brand empower consumers to make a difference in the world?


How will the brand connect consumers to kindred spirits that share values and desires?

Through our Impact Lab initiatives, we help non-profits, social enterprises, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs use those three lenses to carve out unique impact-driving solutions for their consumers. Digital marketing — through owned, earned, and paid channels — accomplishes this.

The 90odd Fund

Through our subsidiary, we award cash and service grants to NPOs and for-profit social enterprises who apply to the program.

learn about the fund

Impact Investing

Through cash or in-kind services, we take strategic equity stakes in social enterprise startups on the verge of major impact.

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Additional Resources

We’re working on creating the kinds of assets that can help nonprofits and social enterprises do more and impact better.