Great minds do good.

We work with brands creating social impact — and we're connected with many others. Here, we share the stories of kindred spirits whose innovative products and business models are changing the world.

Who are the impact makers?

Impact makers are brands we believe are driving measurable, positive change that addresses an immediate challenge in the world around them. While 90odd provides digital marketing tactics to brands of all shapes and sizes, we especially love sharing stories of companies empowering consumers to be a part of a brave new purpose-driven world.

Some of the following non-profits, social enterprises, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs are friends who have stories we can't hide under a bushel basket. Others are brands we've been fortunate to flank with social impact marketing experiences and sustainable tactics that have driven real change.

Either way, we hope these brands inspire you on the long, winding path to being an impact maker yourself. The mountain's tough to scale, but we promise it's worth it when you're mitigating real pain and solving real problems.

Read about our great friends.